• RM Ceases Windows Vista Support

    RM has announced that they are ceasing support of Windows Vista for future updates to CC3 and CC4.

    Any incidents specific to CC3 and CC4 will still be supported, but Vista specific issues may not be resolved. Testing of future CC3 and CC4 updates on Vista workstations will also be stopped. This comes as another blow to the troubled incarnation of the Windows family, caught in the unfortunate position of being sandwiched between the highly popular Windows XP and the newest member of the product line, Windows 7.

    Check Sparkeh's blog post about the news here.
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    1. mrjonesybop's Avatar
      mrjonesybop -
      We run XP on a CC4 network. Looking to go to 7 in a year or so - Because of all the bugs, Vista was simply never an option.