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O/S Deployment Thread, How big is your boot image? in Technical; Mine are 700-800 meg from MDT . I do have some drivers injected but not many!...
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    Mine are 700-800 meg from MDT. I do have some drivers injected but not many!

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    I use this method...

    Finding and adding only the correct device driver to the Boot image - CoreTech Blog

    It seems to me, people tend to add way to many drivers to their boot images, which in some cases make WinPE unstable, and subsequent make the deployment fail. It also makes it near impossible to figure out which driver versions/types are actually included, as that info is kind of limited from within the Boot Image node itself...

    What I do, is find the exact drivers needed for my WinPE environment to work on the specific model(s), and add only those drivers. If I can boot WinPE and gain access to the network (IPCONFIG) and hard disk (DISKPART – list disk), I do not update my boot image, even if I choose to add a new NIC to the deployed OS itself!

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    Right then.....

    Just looking at my WDS server and the Boot Images are coming in at around 840meg....

    The Install Images are between 10-15GB....These are our deployment images, with everything that, either, students or staff need.

    They are BIG, but our system generally pulls them down in about 20 mins. And, these are ALL W7 images.

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    Boot image here is 870meg.

    Think I just took it straight from the Windows 7 install disk.

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