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Hardware Thread, Ricoh MP C5000 Scan to SMB folder in Technical; Hello we have 3 copiers in the school so eventually I want to set them all up for scanning but ...
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    Ricoh MP C5000 Scan to SMB folder


    we have 3 copiers in the school so eventually I want to set them all up for scanning but I'm working on the one closest to me in our staff room.

    I want to enable scanning to SMD folder so staff can scann docs and pick them up on any work staton via a share folder from one of our servers.
    I had already configured the copier to connect to the network for printing in may/june and just this week tried to setup scan to smb and have found it very dificult to understand the menu stucture, I've now got access to the http interface but still have had no look setting this up.

    when I go to scan and choose a new destinaton a browse button comes up to navigate to a network share but I get the folling message " Cannot connect to specified path, please check settings "

    our only option for scanning atm is a small usb scanner connected to 1 PC in the staffroom, it isnt used alot unless somone really needs somthing scanned but it would open up the opertunity for them and since there is 3 in the school it would be nice for staff to be able to used what we have.

    Thanks in advanced


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    Avoid scanning to folders, its a pain to manage. We use an LDAP lookup and scan to the users email and they get it as a PDF in an email. So much easier to manage and the list is always up to date.

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    the pdf setting up ldap v2 is how to setup scan to email, I have other guides. If you get stuck or need help drop me a pm or post back

    If you are still having issues you may have to disable smb signing on your server ( again look into this / research this as may be a security risk )

    There are work arounds etc but if you do not want to disable smb signing , I know that they have resolved this issue with a firmware update ( again you will have to arrange for an engineer to come out to update the firmware on the MFD )
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