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How do you do....it? Thread, Reset Ergo Laptop Cmos Password in Technical; Tried to go into the bios on an Ergo Ensis-S today to change the boot order so I could boot ...
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    Reset Ergo Laptop Cmos Password

    Tried to go into the bios on an Ergo Ensis-S today to change the boot order so I could boot from usb floppy to reimage it only to be greeted with a request for the bios password.

    None of the backdoor ones worked and they often don't with laptops.

    Emailed ergo tech support who responded with a cmos clearing program which they recommend to run from a floppy which I could do as that was what I was trying to acheive in the first place. They also have it as a bootable cd .iso image which is blocked by the lea filtering.

    What I discovered was that if you remove the hard drive and then plug in a usb floppy it will boot from it as the only available boot device thus I was able to create a boot floppy in xp copy the cmos clearing program too it and boot from it.

    Once the cmos password was clear I could then turn the laptop off reinstall the hard drive and then access the settings I required.

    You will have to ask ergo support for the file if you ever need it as I'm not allowed to spread it.


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    Re: Reset Ergo Laptop Cmos Password

    Had the same problem on an Ergo computer. They told me to simply remove the keyboard (press down on the delete key and you can flip the bar off) and then change the battery jumper to short it out. Resets the cmos.

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    Re: Reset Ergo Laptop Cmos Password

    Came across the program WIPECMOS a while ago but never had the pleasure of using it and not sure sure where I got it from. A search should reveal its whereabouts.

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    Re: Reset Ergo Laptop Cmos Password

    I've used CmosPwd in the past.


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