• Dogs are sexier than smartphones


    I'm pretty sure that geek was chic, now they've changed their minds, again!
    Should we be worried?
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    1. Edu-IT's Avatar
      Edu-IT -
      Link doesn't work? Try:

      Dogs sexier than smartphones: Retrevo - Yahoo! News
    1. CAM's Avatar
      CAM -
      I personally find cats do an even better job of enthralling the ladies, at the downside they become enthralled with the cat.
    1. SimonF's Avatar
      SimonF -
      You can't get apps for dogs - but they're probably just as good for making phone calls
    1. Fuzzz's Avatar
      Fuzzz -
      I have both; a dog and a smartphone... but I'm still single!
    1. vikpaw's Avatar
      vikpaw -
      The smartphone cancels out the dog. Must be a poodle
    1. JaneyJ's Avatar
      JaneyJ -
      They certainly are! Eye contact, verbal communication, dogs, children suggest a man has social skills that might appear to be lacking with a phone constantly glued to hand or ear. I find it difficult to imagine anyone that would find potential in a partner that is always on a phone.
    1. featured_spectre's Avatar
      featured_spectre -
      I have a cat, a daughter, a mrs and a smartphone...what does this say???
    1. witch's Avatar
      witch -
      I have a dog and a smartphone and a mrwITch as well as three not-children.
      But when I met mrwITch he didnt have any of those things but I kept him anyway!