Hello. My name is Amit. I am learning a course Advance Diploma in ICT Systems Support. I am facing issues with studying this course as I don't have the relevant resources to learn from. I have the following topics to cover for exam
Unit 501: Plan for the delivery of ICT support services and assist in the acquisition of ICT systems :

Determine customer requirements for ICT systems and support services
Evaluate available ICT systems and services against customer requirements
Prepare and present suitable options for the acquisition of ICT systems and support services
Develop plans to ensure that the ICT infrastructure delivers the required functionality, capacity and level of support

Unit 502: Customer Support Provision

provide technical support to customers
gather and evaluate feedback from customers regarding the improvement of the technical support provided
improve customer use of ICT by analysing trends
provide remote technical customer support
provide coaching in technical skills for customers

Unit 503: Install, configure and integrate networked hardware and software

Carry out risk assessment and ensure Health and Safety procedures are followed
Survey the user environment for installation of hardware equipment and systems
Install hardware equipment and systems
Install and configure systems software
Expand (by integration) ICT systems to allow additional facilities

Can you please help me find some good books which cover these 3 main topics or any suitable website or resource I can study from. I have exam next month and I am not in a position to appear for it now but if you please help me that will be great.