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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Clustering Setup issues in Technical; Hi, I think this is possible network related but... I've two identical servers, both setup with Hyper-V using a shared ...
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    Clustering Setup issues


    I think this is possible network related but...
    I've two identical servers, both setup with Hyper-V using a shared iSCSI SAN and I've installed the failover clustering feature on both. Both machines are joined to the domain and can happily see each other via shares and ping.

    However I've started to try and test setting up the failover clustering and when I start the validation, I select both machines by browsing to them in the AD but they both come up with the error of "Failed to connect to the service Manager on *othermachine name*". Am I missing something pretty basic here or do I need to configure something specific in regards to the network so they can see each other?


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    If you have more than 1 network you may need to enable one of them for cluster use:

    Enable a network for cluster use: Server Clusters (MSCS)

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    Enabling a network for cluster use would only be possible if his cluster was already validated and available for cluster administration I think?

    Is there a firewall sitting somewhere between/on your Hyper-V hosts?

    Quick google:
    "To ensure correct failover cluster functionality, add exceptions to firewall configuration settings for the File and Printer Sharing (TCP 139/445 and UDP 137/138), and Remote Procedure Call (TCP port 135)."
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