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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Student Profiles - Roaming to local in Technical; Hi All Our server 2008R2 has been happily looking after all of our student and staff profiles with full roaming ...
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    Student Profiles - Roaming to local

    Hi All

    Our server 2008R2 has been happily looking after all of our student and staff profiles with full roaming access, we have the luxury of gigabit ethernet so log in times have never been an issue.

    However, I have just recently had our new whole school wireless installed, the problems have become apparent. As you can imagen, even with folder re-direction the logon times on N Wireless with 4 laptops side by side is bad, very bad we are talking 6 - 7 minutes each earlier today. I have checked the wireless and it looks fine, so profiles are the problem.

    TBH, pupils here do not need roaming profiles, just at the time it seemed a good idea, how wrong was I. My knowledge of servers being as little as it is, I wonder if there is a way to make our students roaming profiles, locals only. I will be re-directing my documents and favourites. Im not sure if I am going to have to re-create all the profiles again, which isnt an issue as we only have 180 pupils

    Any pointers welcome, Thanks

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    Ah.. that's a familiar tale I went through this years ago and the first thing I did was dump roaming or mandatory profiles for students and set-up desktop and start menu redirection.

    Our students login to email via a browser so no need for saving Outlook settings to roaming profiles as we do for staff.

    There are no other settings they need in our environment - access to their home folder, programs on the computer that's it.

    The only way to get wireless to load in a reasonable time is to dump roaming profiles, remember with wireless logon you've usually got anti virus trying to update as well as windows updates pulling down from your WSUS server if you have one.

    Works a treat the local hard drives fill up with profiles but drives are so large now that it's not been an issue for us.

    But we don't do wireless any more as wireless speeds just arnt fast enough to cope with large numbers of laptops trying to logon at the same time unless you split them to multiple base stations we just don't do wireless because of this.

    Until true gigabyte speeds can be achieved wirelessly I just wont run wireless networks


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    Glad its not just me then

    Yes, I setup WSUS last week, very good system infact. I hear what you say regarding the wireless speeds, we have 16 AP's now and only 16 laptops and the odd iphone so its not so bad. Our class sizes are maximum of 10 usually 6 or 7 so there shouldnt be an issue if I can get rid of these roaming profiles.

    I have just setup a new organisational unit with a local profile in and mapped home drive. Login is now 5 seconds, much more like it. I have applied our current pupil GP to that unit as well and the one test account now has the printers show up and all of the restrictions in place, however is now locking out access to the home drive, so If I did switch I would create a new GPO our copy it over and edit our app data re-direction settings.

    Does anyone know if there is an easy way of making the current roaming profiles into locals without having to re-create them.

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