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Windows 7 Thread, Computer name resolving to wrong IP Address in Technical; In my computer lap I'm using netop. Some of the computers are not working properly with the software. I got ...
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    Computer name resolving to wrong IP Address

    In my computer lap I'm using netop. Some of the computers are not working properly with the software. I got the IP address from the station thats not working. I ping that IP address from the teachers station and it returns a different host name(I used "ping -a target address"). When I go to other computers in the lab and trying pinging that computer everything works fine. This teacher station can ping all the other computers in the classroom and everything returns back the correct values. It's just that one computer. Any ideas?

    These are HP desktop computers running windows 7. They're in a computer lab that has an internet connect. Netop is a desktop monitoring software as you may already know. Netop works by using the computer names, therefore, the computer name resolving to wrong IP address is no good. The server thats in the room is also set up as a DNS server.

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    I assume the working machines use the same DNS server as the one not working?

    If this is the case, try running ipconfig /flushdns from the broken machine, then ipconfig /registerdns
    Failing that, manually check DNS has the correct records, then from in DNS right click the server name and "Clear Cache"

    Do a flushdns from the DNS server then run the same commands again from the broken machine

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