Thought I'd mention and compare how I setup my USer Environments.

Where I am at the minute we have custom made Start menus and logon scripts along with a few other little apps, we have disabled all icons in the system tray and have placed a shortvut to "Safely remove USB Devices" on the dekstop.

On the desktop we have the standard blue background, and Standard Classic Windows theme, and on the desktop we have Office 2003 suite, the colleges portal system and have disabled anyone accessing the recycle bin.

We run a Locked down tight secure network, one of the custom made apps we hae is a logoff button on the dekstop which also tells whether you are logged on locally or onto the network, handy app.

The Admin desktop is very much the same but without any restrictions and a shortvut to Domain Users on the dekstop for password resets and we also have event viewer thats bout it really.

We have a lot simpler and a lotless icons on the dekstop now we dont use RM

So what sort of Environemtn do you set up for your users ?