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    iOS Apps

    Right then, I've read quite a few things on here about the whole need to buy one app per device that the App will be sync'd to in the lack of UK Vol Licensing from Apple at the moment, and I've briefly mentioned this to the SLT of one school.

    I'm now looking round for some evidence either way for this from Apple. If anyone has any links they could share to information on this, that would be great. Preferably from Apple direct, as I know one of our App's is £120, and currently they want it available on ALL 29 of the iPads (it's a communication aid), so that's going to be a rather hefty bill if they do need to get a license for each one.

    Andy T :-)

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    Source: www.apple.com/legal/itunes/uk/terms.html#APPS


    (i) If you are an individual acting in your personal capacity, you may download and sync an App Store Product for personal, noncommercial use on any iOS Device you own or control.

    (ii) If you are a commercial enterprise or educational institution, you may download and sync an App Store Product for use by either (a) a single individual on one or more iOS Devices used by that individual that you own or control or (b) multiple individuals, on a single shared iOS Device you own or control. For example, a single employee may use an App Store Product on both the employee's iPhone and iPad, or multiple students may serially use an App Store Product on a single iPad located at a resource centre or library. For the sake of clarity, each iOS Device used serially by multiple users requires a separate licence.

    (iii) You shall be able to store App Store Products from up to five different Accounts at a time on a compatible iOS Device.

    (iv) You shall be able to manually sync App Store Products from at least one iTunes-authorised device to iOS Devices that have manual sync mode, provided that the App Store Product is associated with an Account on the primary iTunes-authorised device, where the primary iTunes-authorised device is the one that was first synced with the iOS Device or the one that you subsequently designate as primary using the iTunes application.
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  3. Thanks to Arthur from:

    drewp (1st May 2012)

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    Also have a look at Apple Leadership Summit – The Workshops | Grumbledook thinks where I will shortly be talking through gifting, etc.

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