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EduSweep Thread, Proxy Auth in Projects:; I am using eduweep 2.2 but i can't update the signatures. The software is installed on the server. I have ...
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    Proxy Auth

    I am using eduweep 2.2 but i can't update the signatures. The software is installed on the server. I have put in the proxy server details and auth details. However I get the following message:

    Unable to contact primary and secondary update servers.
    The remote server returned an error (407) Proxy Authentication Required.

    I have tired hostname / ip for the proxy server. I have tried username / domain\username.

    Any suggestions guys?


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    What proxy are you using? You could ask it not to auth for those domains, if your proxy supports such magic.

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    What proxy server / software are you using and what kind of authentication do your workstations normally have to provide?

    I'll also be further improving proxy support in the upcoming 2.5 release so any other relevant information about your environment is useful.
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