I've recently bought three eInstruction DualBoard, sold by RM as RM Classboards. I put two into our foundation unit and now, just over a month later, one of the teachers has come to e saying they have broken the pens already, they have either worn the white tip down, or pushed it up into the pen.

They assure me reception age children can't control how hard they push with a pen and that they are pushing really hard. If I buy them replacement pens they assure me that they will probably break those as well. This seems rather negative to me, but having never taught such young children I don't know how much truth there is in it. I know they are angling for a Smart board as a replacement, but the DualBoards were I we could afford.

As a result I would beg eInstruction users input on three questions.

1) Has anyone deployed such boards, or similarly activboards or any other kit that uses a pen with a white plastic nib in the foundation stage? If so, do they get broken on a monthly basis?

2) Can anyone think of a way of extending the life? I notice on RM's site ( RM ClassBoard - 60" Interactive Whiteboard ), under the features tab, they have a picture of a chunkier pen, but since RM kit seems to be different types of rebadged equipment so often, I have no idea if thats for a dual board, what it would really be called and where one would find it.

3) If I am just going to have to keep buying new pens, most of what I find look different, with a grey charger and compatibility with Mobi listed,a s well as dual boards. Do you think they would work? Does anyone know if you can just replace the nibs (assuming they have not damaged the actual pen?)