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Windows Thread, Slow Windows XP Logon in Technical; Hi, My Uncle has an iMac with Bootcamp. He has Windows XP installed. When you boot into Windows it sticks ...
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    Slow Windows XP Logon


    My Uncle has an iMac with Bootcamp. He has Windows XP installed. When you boot into Windows it sticks on the Welcome screen before showing your desktop for about 2 minutes. Once your into Windows is pretty fast and has no problems. The machine is a good spec and the instal only has a few applications on such as Office.

    I have done the following and it makes no difference
    • In MS config removed all the startup items
    • Defrag the system
    • Windows Updates
    • Updates on other application.
    • Fully update Bootcamp and drivers
    • Removed AV

    Does anyone have any ideas please?


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    Try making a new user, could be a problem with the users registry or files

    If that works then just transfer all his files to the new account

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    Thats a good idea, some times though temp files/ IE temp files are a cause of it. I tend to manually clear it all out and seems to help a lot. There is usually a reason for it though.

    If that all fails me a new account is usually the best bet it will at least narrow down the PC/OS or just the user

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