Hi People,

I am having a problem with my MSCS cluster that I have just built on top of my physical RDM VM with VMXNet 3 NIC, it always failed in the error 1129 during network validation process of the heart beat network like in the following page (Content not found

in each ESXi servers, I have created:
vSwitch0 - Administration console, VMotion and HA
vSwitch1 - VLAN with access to the entire LAN and internet
vSwitch2 - no uplinks just dedicated network label for the MSCS heart beat network (in which the two VMs is in this VMnetwork label)

I have assigned class A address in the heartbeat network according to Microsoft article into and no gateway, disabled NETBIOS, not registering it in the DNS and binding order#2

I can ping both nodes from each other end and also have disabled windows firewall entirely. So far the test failed only in this cluster heartbeat network configuration no matter what IP address I assign.

Any kind of help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.