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How do you do....it? Thread, Learning Objectives - Ticker Tape in Technical; Its been made clear to me that I must have my Learning Objectives on show throughout my lessons. I would ...
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    Unhappy Learning Objectives - Ticker Tape

    Its been made clear to me that I must have my Learning Objectives on show throughout my lessons. I would like to able to have my Learning objectives scroll across my IWB - to avoid it only being visible breifly at the beginning of the lesson, or written in poor handwriting on a standard whiteboard.
    Is there any free/portable software that I could use to do this?

    We use Smartboards at the school I am a student teacher of - are there any functions within the Smart notebook software do this?

    Many thanks for any pointers.

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    I haven't come across any free software, but I have used a fairly cheap program called Text Ticker at my place and it works well, just have to remember to install the thing when I re-install some PCS.

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