ok, i didnt really know where to put this so i'll dump it here.
This is not any sort of advertising or spam in anyway just a good deal that i've found.

i've just purchased applecare protection for my macbook for £63.75.

Your Mac must still be in its first years warranty

Here's the deal.
There a company in Austraila (i think) selling applecare for the macbook for £85 on eBay. This is cheap in itself as its still £115 cheaper than the apple store.

I had a 15% discount coupon for ebay which brought the price down to £72.25.
Further to that, if you mention the name melissuhh when ordering you'll get an additional 10% off the origional £85 bringing the price down to £63.75

This is totally legit and the seller has over 7000+ positive feedbacks on ebay.

You get the code emailed to you. Mine came through within minutes and took about a 4 days to be accepted by apple.

The sellers ID is memorymate. He has applecare for all sorts of macs so be sure to choose the right one for your model.

Here's a link to his shop: eBay Seller: memorymate: Computers Networking, Electronics items on eBay.com

I picked up on this from the MacRumors forum. Here is the link to the origional discussion: Link

Please note that i have no affiliation with memorymate at all. Just passing on some information that has worked for me.