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Windows Thread, Modify Share Folder Permission in Technical; I would like to ask, how to write a batch script(.bat) to read a text file, then the program will ...
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    Modify Share Folder Permission

    I would like to ask,
    how to write a batch script(.bat) to read a text file,
    then the program will set the specific person to share with specific folder.

    For example, the text file "user.txt" contains the following data:

    The first column is user name, and the second column is the share folder path.
    User name and share folder path are delimited by a comma.

    Then I have coded part of the script.
    for /f %%a in ('C:\user.txt') do (
    net share %%a=%cd%\%%a /grant:everyone,full

    I don't know how to set a user, says 034001, to share with C:\Users\034001.

    It is because in the script above, the setting is to grant Everyone to have
    full permission.

    However, I only want 034001 to have full permission with C:\Users\034001
    instead of everyone.

    So, how to modify the script or does anyone have a batch file that would
    enable me to modify the permission for all folders in one hit? Really I don't
    want to do it manually!

    Thank you for your kindly help in advance.

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