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Windows Thread, Deep Freeze & McAfee & WSUS in Technical; Hi Guys, In a school I look after we currently have deep freeze 6 running without AV (bad i know, ...
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    Deep Freeze & McAfee & WSUS

    Hi Guys,

    In a school I look after we currently have deep freeze 6 running without AV (bad i know, but not my setup).

    In the summer we go full 2008R2 with Windows 7 clients, I've read on here some where (can't find the thread using search) that you have to script your machines to boot > reboot thawed > update > reboot frozen > shutdown but cant find that script!

    In the Deep Freeze console I can create new settings for the clients to use and have found the options to make the schedule and for it to provoke WSUS.

    Just looking for some guidance on the McAfee update part really.

    Oh BTW its McAfee ePO Agent 4.5 (Provided by the LEA)

    TL;DR i want to update win7 clients antivirus with deepfreeze enabled

    any help appreciated

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    I'd highly recommend a swift read of the DeepFreeze user guide, however that isn't much help at the moment.

    To script DeepFreeze the clients have to be set up with a command line password, if you don't know that or haven't configured one then scripting is out of the window.

    All is not lost, you can configure a command line password while DeepFreeze is installed and enabled, you do that through the DeepFreeze Enterprise console.

    If you know the DeepFreeze command line password then the command you are looking for is dfc.exe and it's a simple command syntax dfc.exe [command line password] /bootthawed | /bootfrozen | /bootthawednoinput.
    There are other switched, just running dfc will list them for you.

    Probably the best way to do this though would be the DeepFreeze maintenance mode which is triggered through the DeepFreeze Enterprise console, it's wizard driven, very easy to use particularly if all of your machines respond to WOL.

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