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O/S Deployment Thread, Fog 0.30 Acer eee-Box in Technical; Just a quick question, I have just set up a fog server version 0.30. I have tried to image one ...
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    Fog 0.30 Acer eee-Box

    Just a quick question, I have just set up a fog server version 0.30.

    I have tried to image one of our acer eee-boxes. It looks as though the harddrive is not being seen.
    I have done the normal Googling, only came up with setting the drive controller into a fallback mode in the bios. The acer doesn't have this option, so I'm at a bit of a loss.
    Any help please.

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    I've had problems with Fog imaging some Toshibas that only support "SATA Native" (AHCI) and not old style IDE. - This seems to be the problem you're describing... SATA Support - FOGProject Wiki

    According to the above link, the FOG PXE OS has no problem reading SATA Drives... but only if their Mobo is connecting in Compatibility mode.

    The bit at the top of the page about IDE(PATA) images on SATA devices, and cross-controller compatibility is only useful in making Windows images work with both SATA and PATA devices. - But doesn't help with inability to record/deploy images on SATA Native.

    On those machines where the only option is SATA Native (or AHCI) the FOG PXE OS cannot read/write to the drive.

    The proposed solution is to take the HDD out of this troublesome machine and put it in something that does have compatibility for the purposes of recording and deploying images.

    For your box there are some listings in: http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index...WorkingDevices If it's the first of the two, perhaps the listed PS Kernel (Present State) will help?

    Limited Instructions: Download kernel manually from Sourceforge, then rename it to bzImage (case sensitive) and place it in the tftp folder.

    Better instructions available at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/free.../topic/3853210
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    You can pick up new kernels by going to the 'Kernel Updates' section in the interface.
    I would try the the KS ones as I believe they are meant to be built with pretty much everything in.
    It might be worth finding out what the SATA controller is on your computers and then look-up Linux support for that rather than search for issues with FOG directly.

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