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Hardware Thread, Have you had issues with Kyocera printers? in Technical; I'm having an absolute nightmare with the Kyocera printers i've just got in through a lease. They can't print large ...
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    Have you had issues with Kyocera printers?

    I'm having an absolute nightmare with the Kyocera printers i've just got in through a lease.

    They can't print large image documents without hanging, which in my eyes is not fit for purpose as i made it very clear the we would be printing a lot of images.

    They keep using the line "We've never had this happen in other schools" so would like to see how others feel.


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    Yes, we have! We've had several models of Kyocera printers and have been plagued with problems in all of them.

    1010/1020: After a while, the factory-fitted smooth paper pickup rollers would stop picking up paper. After lengthy discussion with Kyocera, they sent us replacement rollers that were grooved and could grip better. This worked OK, but required cleaning once in a while. Sometimes the printers refused to print long documents of many pages (usually printing the first page and then giving up). A power cycle sometimes fixes problems, but not always.

    C5016: A4 colour. Colour registration would sometimes go funny and not print accurately. Initially, the cold start to first print would take over a minute, but this was later solved with different drivers. It would also struggle with large documents.

    C8008: A3 colour. Sometimes documents would not print (particularly ones with photos in), and would occasionally need a power cycle for it to start accepting documents again. Memory upgrades didn't help.

    C8026: A3 colour. Toner bays had flimsy plastic parts/covers which broke easily. During its last working months, toners were held in place with pieces of card wedged in at various angles so they would be registered as being present. Similar problems accepting big documents and heavy paper.

    The rest of our printers (now about 38) are HP. Last year, a 9-year-old 4600N died, and we've had a couple of issues with 2015 formatter boards. But apart from that - they've been excellent.

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    Have you tried changing drivers? There are several available and it may be that a different driver will help. Also, how much RAM is installed and do your client PCs know that (if the PC thinks there's more or less RAM than is actually available then I'd guess it could send the image in a format that won't work)

    Not used Kyocera for a while but used to find them excellent - certainly their drivers were dramatically better than HP (and the running costs are lower than HP)

    @webman - the pick up rollers are essentially consumables. You can buy spares from (eg) XMA for about £5

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