Hi all, Happy new Year!

Has anybody had any luck getting Canon Pixma printers to work on print servers? In particular the Pro9000 Model? I have 2 of these at school and want to add them to my print server so I can do cost recovery via Papercut. I've been battling away with a TP-Link TL-PS110U print server but I can't get them to play nicely. After a day banging my head against the wall I think I'm going to look for an alternative print server that supports Canon printers (even though the TP-Link says it does, I can't get it to work). The job gets passed to the print server, and the print server says it's passed it to the printer succesfully, but it doesn't print. The lights on the printer blink, then nothing happens.

I've come across a 'Pricom 6200-U' which lots of people seem to rave about, but can't seem to buy one anywhere here in NZ.

If anyone has had any success, I'd love to know the model of print server you are using

John Driver