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General EduGeek News/Announcements Thread, EduGeek Goes to Denver in EduGeek Stuff; In one weeks time. Shaun and I shall be in Denver, Colorado on the EduGeek stand at the ISTE Show ...
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    EduGeek Goes to Denver

    In one weeks time. Shaun and I shall be in Denver, Colorado on the EduGeek stand at the ISTE Show (ISTE Conference 2010).
    We are primariliy there to meet up with our US visitors and counterparts to find out why, considering we are on of the largest tech support sites in the world, and certainly one of the largest and most successful online communities, we still don't get much interaction from our US visitors\members.
    US traffic accounts for the second largest group visiting the site with (out of a total of 844,792 unique visitors per month) 211,395 compared with the UK's 289,099 and we are very curios to see just what we are doing wrong.
    So if you are a regular lurker on the site and are going to the show please pop over and see us on booth 1484, which we are sharing with SmoothWall, and we'l see if we can give you some freebies in exchange for your comments.
    We shall also have a live webcam on the stand (we'll take the Mobotix once I get it reconfigured), so you can see Shaun and I getting hot and bothered throughout the day, but please remember there is a 7 hour time difference, so it won't be going live until about 15:30 GMT from Monday to Wednesday.

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    Well, the flights are booked - I will be there!
    In usual SmoothWall style, final staffing has been left to the last minute - but we can now confirm it'll be Claire and I from the Leeds office, and Chris from the US.

    This will be our first "joint" trade show - though BETT has felt like it for a few years now

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