Trying to find establishments in the UK that provide software training as a reseller as direct contacts your looking at £800-£1100 per day for a 3 day course.

Trying to find a course that covers McAfee Network Access Control, the bolt-in program itself is fine, sensors running, compliancy there, deployed and the likes... however

McAfee provide no documentation for the product (I do have a PDF, but had to beg their corporate side to have a copy, and was told there are alot of errors and alot of the information is misguided as its not a final document) however I cannot find any reference anywhere to McAfee NAC + Windows Server 2008 NAP enforcement, and in the end a training course is the only way to go to get upto speed.

Emailed and was told they're currently preparing their course, but estimated waiting time is around four months.

Can't seem to find anything anywhere, does anyone have advice where to go, or do any Supplies/Resellers browsing EduGeek provide resellers training on the product?