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    Microsoft PST Capture tool for Exchange 2010 and Office 365

    Red Gate Software used to sell a program called PST Importer for €395. A few days ago Microsoft released PST Capture, which is basically the same application but with a different name and a price tag of £0.00.

    What it does is search your network for PST files and import them into your Exchange 2010 server or Office 365 (a bit like the "New-MailboxImportRequest" PowerShell cmdlet, but with a pretty GUI).

    Download / Documentation / Step-By-Step Install Guide

    As we announced in July, we are always looking for new ways to make your work easier - especially when your work involves ending PST proliferation. Today, we are happy to announce that PST Capture is now available as a free download.

    PST Capture helps you search your network to discover and then import .pst files across your environment - all from a straightforward admin-driven tool. PST Capture will help reduce risk while increasing productivity for your users by importing .pst files into Exchange Online or Exchange Server 2010 - directly into users' primary mailboxes or archives.

    In addition to all the positive feedback you have given us regarding the Archiving, Retention, Legal Hold and Discovery capabilities of Exchange, you made it clear that PST import is an important area for us to focus on moving forward. As we looked at the best ways to address this challenging need, we saw the great work that ISV partner, Red Gate, has done with their stellar solution. We determined that acquiring this product from Red Gate as a starting point was the best strategy to ensuring a quality product for you.

    We put Red Gate’s tool through further feature development and a rigorous testing process that included beta testing with customers, passing through our internal product security gates, and overall quality assurance. It’s now ready for prime time and available as a free download here! (Source)
    This new tool, PST Capture, will be downloadable and free, and will enable you to discover .pst files on your network and then import them into both Exchange Online (in Office 365) and Exchange Server 2010 on-premises. It doesn’t replace the New-MailboxImportRequest cmdlet that exists already for importing known .pst files into Exchange Server, but instead works in parallel to enable you to embark on a systematic search and destroy mission to rid yourself of the dreaded .pst scourge. (Source)

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    I tested this yesterday in an office365 environment and it works sound! :-) nice one Microsoft


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    :: I wanted that to fill some void, but it doesn't mention Live@Edu so I presume it doesn't work for that? If it won't round PSTs created via some POP3 mail service and stuff them into Live@Edu mailboxes, then I don't have any significant scenarios I think it will help with... if turned on then rounding up Outlook auto-archives perhaps, but it's not obviously worth the trouble.

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