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Educational Software Thread, RM Successmaker - v5.1.1 in Technical; Hi guys, At a primary school we support they had a small mini-network running Successmaker version 5.1.1. When this "mini" ...
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    RM Successmaker - v5.1.1

    Hi guys,

    At a primary school we support they had a small mini-network running Successmaker version 5.1.1. When this "mini" server died we took a back up of the data, and are now in the process of installing Successmaker on their new server.

    However.... and it's a big one..... there are no installation documents at all. RM and Link2ICT at Birmingham Council do not want to know. There is no chance of money being spent on a new version.

    I've found the Canadian .pdf instructions mentioned in similar threads, however the version we have to play with is far older.

    If anyone has had any experience with this, please could you let me know.

    We have a set of CD ROMs with learning materials on them; a Successmaker Basics 4.2 CD, which has configuration utlities on it, however it requires the HISTORY (whatever that is) to be installed first.

    We have a floppy disc named: Successmaker - Install key -Disc V5.1.1 (April 2001). Which contains a huge number of .ini's and batch files, but nothing useful.

    We're at our wits end here, as this has to be installed, and it has to be this version!

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    They don't make the install process easy. Which is probably why they offer a service to make a site visit and install it for you for a price

    We have it running here, RM did come and set it up initially has'nt really gone wrong since.

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    first it,s the system

    then it's the Database
    then Content
    then update

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    SM Install - someone who does know how it works


    I was one of the support team for the core skills project that rolled out SM 5.1.1 across Birmingham between 1997 and 2003. Unfortunately since the project ended in 2003 RM have upgraded SM several times and, as you say, have little interest in supporting old versions.

    Do you have a full set of CDs in addition to the floppy disk?

    The installation is started from the "Basics" CD - the license floppy simply contains a list of the components in the various licensing packages. You will also need a license code and Link2ICT can supply that and a full set of installation documantation - you just need to reach the right person since all the people who knew the ins and outs of SM have move to other areas. Try asking for Ken Bearman to be notified about the call (you have raised a call haven't you?).

    If my install notes are something that people would find useful outside the BGfL I could post the docs on the BGfL Connectivity pages.

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