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Information about VLEs

A learning platform offers access to learning resources, online storage and tools for communication and management not just within school, but from outside it too. When used properly, learning platform technologies can enhance learning and teaching and personalise learning. (Becta 2007)

Becta have produced a framework for the purchase of Learning Platforms, however there are many more that are available, some for free, some at a commercial cost.

Moodle.org has become a de facto standard in open source VLEs. Having a large, worldwide user base, there are plenty of examples of good practice of implementation and use of Moodle. Moodle has a SCORM module that can be used with version 1.8 upwards to use SCORM compliant resources.

LP+ have one of the largest implementations of Microsoft's Learning Gateway.

Pre-prepared VLE Content

Please add any links to pre-prepared VLE content here. Both free/open content and paid-for content links are welcomed. Blatant advertising is NOT welcome!

  • Synergy Learning UK Moodle Partner
  • STW IT Learning Centre (Moodle @ www.stwitlc.com) - CLAIT/e-Quals Courseware
  • DIDA Courseware LINKS TO AD SITE :-(
  • e-subjects.co.uk - free Moodle courses but biased to ICT/Computing/Science - EXPIRED DOMAIN :-(
  • Skoool] - Free content and a lot of the KS3 stuff seems to be SCORM compliant (check for an imsmanifest.xml to know if it's a SCORMy one). It seems to have imported into MS Class Server OK, so I guess it'll work with anything!
  • GCSE English Online (paid-for content) - The course covers all elements of GCSE English, based on the AQA assessment regime. It includes work on Shakespeare, Dickens, Hines, the AQA anthology and writing skills.
  • [1](paid-for content) - SCORM Content for KS2/KS3 English, Maths, Biology, Shakespeare.
  • BoardWorks now issue the majority of their packages in standard powerpoint format or in a SCORM compliant format, originally designed for use with Kaliedos but available to use with most platforms.
  • Birchfield SCORM compliant content for 15 subjects at secondary school level. Over 16,000 high quality 3d animations. Also 3D games loaded with subject specific questions.
  • Crocodile Clips Absorb Each title offers a huge amount of interactivity - ranging from simple animations that show hidden concepts, to powerful models that allow flexible experimentation. 50 Free Resources
  • Topologika Software Ltd are currently experimenting with SCORM packages for Primary and Lower Secondary phases and have trial versions available. When released these will be paid for content.
  • Sherston Software provides more than 2600 VLE compliant learning objects in Numeracy, Literacy and Science designed for children from 5 to 11, along with portfolios of VLE resources and VLE content authoring tools.
  • 4Mation are currently in the final stages of converting Granny's Garden to be SCORM compliant and are currently offering parts of it for free download.
  • Smart Learning are developing SCORM compliant VLE Packs to deliver the ICT Framework at Key Stage 3.