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This page is an attempt at an ultimate guide to School IT managers looking at going down the Virtualisation route. There are many areas of virtualisation from servers (the most common) to application/desktop virtualisation.

I don't have all the required knowlage but I have been though the server virtualisation process a couple of times so know what to expect there.

Please can anyone with virtulisation experiance write a page on the different areas with your own expiences and case studies when possible.

most commonly asked about areas are Server Virtualisation so the main areas to cover are:

Please also create pages about avalible management interfaces which work with the above

Other areas of interest of late have been Application Virtualisation (App-V4.5) and desktop virtualisation through Terminal Server and similar.

Thankyou for adding extra information to this wiki, you are helping many others who are looking at going down this route and don't know where to turn. (Please don't use this page as a way of arguing about weather an "s" or "z" is required in the spelling of Virtuali?e as this doesn't matter one bit... google finds it whatever!)