Turning UBCD into a bootable USB drive - Method 2

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As per this site [1]

Simple USB Ultimate Boot CD How-To:

  1. Optional: Format the USB pen drive stick as Fat16 using the HP USB tool
  2. Create a folder named UBCD on your Windows host PC
  3. Download the UBCD ISO and move to your UBCD folder
  4. Download the UBCDfix.exe file and run it, extracting to your UBCD folder [2]
  5. From the UBCD folder, click fixubcd.bat and follow the onscreen instructions
  6. Move the contents within the /UBCD/USBUBCD folder to your USB flash drive
  7. From your USB flash drive, run makeboot.bat to make it bootable
  8. Reboot and set your computer to Boot from the USB device
  9. On next launch, you should be booting Ultimate Boot CD from your USB stick