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Technical Websites

MSFN Unattended - EVERYTHING you need to know about unattended Windows XP installation. 5 stars

AppDeploy - Great resource for finding out how to do silent installs. Also some useful MSI info. 4 stars

Technet - Microsoft's own support site for IT professionals (i.e. you). Some handy stuff here! :D

Event ID - Trace error codes

Distrowatch - News and everything else you could want to know about Linux and other free operating systems. - Best archive/news site for new (and old) free software releases

InstallSite - Another execllent 'installation' site with good MSI and InstallShield info. 4 stars

NU2 - Home of Bart PE, Modular Boot Disk and Bart's way for creating bootable CDs. 4 stars

SysInternals - Home of the best system utilities. 4 stars

MCSE World - Home of Daniel Petri. Sound information. 4 stars

Labmice - Tips and advice on most MS gear. 3 stars

Annoyances - Lot's of useful tips here. 3 stars

Win32 Scripting - Good searchable collection of scripts in many languages. 3 stars

JSI Faq - Technet like tips and tricks site for Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003.

ss64 - Command line references for DOS, Windows, MacOS X and Linux very useful.

Winguiges Registry guide - Misc registry settings

Filespecs Wotsit Filext - File Extensions

Not quite essential, but very interesting...

Unattended - It's not RIS, it's not GHOST, it's the 3rd way. I HAVE NOT used the system presented on this site, but there is a wealth of installation/deployment expertise on display here.

ANI - Automated Network Installation. Just found this one and it looks very interesting. Trigger remote rebuilds!! Having read a little bit deeper, the triggering of remote rebuilds //might// not be implemented yet....

ROM-O-MATIC - Creates custom network boot ROMS/disks. In theory (I think), a disk from this site could be used to do a PXE boot on a non-PXE NIC. Never got it to quite work myself tho...

PocketPC Freewares - Great site for free PocketPC freeware - A wealth of knowledge and advice on MS Exchange

SlipStick Systems - Great site for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server - A wealth of knowledge and advice on MS ISA - Used to be SUSSERVER.COM, now renamed but still very useful

WSUS Wiki - Better WSUS info than WSUS.INFO

Script Centre - Technically part of Technet but essential in its own right

uAwiki - Unattended Windows WIKI - courtesy of Bashrat TS

Microsoft TechNet Scripting Repository - LOADS of scripts

Jon's Tech Support Favourites - Many tech links, anything from freeware to drivers & lots more.

HowtoMac Free information on supporting OS X in education. Offers online discussion board, Faq system, downloads area, affordable consolation and remote helper.

Non-technical Websites

Online Photoshop - its a cut down version, with the basic features you'd need to perform some quick edits/tweaks.

Password Advice For Schools - Created by smoothwall