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If you have any questions please post them to the edugeek Joomla Package Forum.

What makes the edugeek Joomla Package (egJP) so good to use

  • It uses Joomla, which allows end users (e.g. Administration staff and teachers (and even Headteachers!) to easily amend and add information to the school/college website without ANY technical knowledge beyond the level required to use something like Windows Live Mail!
  • egJP has been pre-configured for 90% of the type of content that schools usually want to display. It has sections for news, curriculum topics and many many more.
  • As a technical person installing it, it is very easy to setup and the only thing needed to get it up and running is to select which of the many color themes/templates you'd like to use and then create and upload a header image with your establishment's logo and name.

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