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We all know how much a lot of Educational software basically sucks. Whether it be getting the program to install or using a certain feature of it. Information is also scattered to the four corners of the internet as well and can be time consuming to track down the relevant information after getting no joy from a companies website or technical support helpline. So.....

Lets us share our knowledge and experience of this awkward collection of substandard code and save people 3 hours they dont have to get that certain piece of software working.

As well as certain installation issues this section should contain information on any tips and tricks that may be needed when converting these installers to MSI format or alternative methods used when MSI packages just cant be created with packages like Studio 2004 for example.

A page template will be created eventually but for now please start with links under this text. try and keep it in alpahabetical order if possible.

For non-educational specific applications, check out the AppDeploy Package Knowledgebase which contains instructions/advice for creating MSIs, silent installations etc for hundreds of applications.




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