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Creator: Mattx

Script Language: Application

Forum topic Link:

Download Here: Classroom Shutdown - Mattx

  • Unzip it to a single directory from a hard drive root otherwise PsShutdown may not work correctly
  • It uses the PsShutdown Tool alongside a set of .txt files labelled classroom1.txt to classroom4.txt
  • All you have to do is fill the relevant .txt files in with the computer names of your computers, one line per entry or IP addresses.
  • Fire off the psshutdown classroom.exe & choose your method.
  • The Normal button will shut PCs down in the relevant txt files within 15 seconds but will show a cancel button just in case someone is sitting at it !!
  • The Forced button will force all applications to close and will shutdown the computer with NO option to cancel. Again there is a 15 second countdown.

It's best run on a PC with Admin Rights / current credentials over the domain.

If you have any problems please post in this Thread