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Promissor Administrator MSI deployment

Being written by people who haven't read post Win 3.1 programming books, this "requires administrator access", of course it really requires modify rights to the program files\promissor\administrator directory, and a registry entry to tell it where to find the share, also writable. So I created an ESMGG group, added a user called exam to it (and teachers who were running the controller software on another machine, add esmgg writes to the reg path on that machine to let them run it without admin rights)

  • Extract the MSI by running the installer and looking in temp
  • Install ORCA
  • Load the MSI in read only mode
  • Transform>New Transform
  • Property Table, New Row, Property = DATAPATH, Value = \\myserver\myshare
  • Transform>Generate Transform

That sets the data path, but I also need to change the permissions to add the ESMGG group which I add exam users to, much more complex, new transform, then follow


I ended up with:

  • Component: Component = LockFolders, ComponentId = {guid} (ie like {D3541-23423-24DA}), Directory = LockFolders, Attributes = 0
  • Directory: Directory = LockFolders, Parent = blank, DefaultDir = SourceDir
  • Add a LockPermissions table, Lock Object = ADMINISTRATOR, Table = CreateFolder, Domain = blank, User = ESMGroup, Permission = 268435456
  • And that line repeated for each group, so add BUILTIN Administrators at least