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Installing O Generator by GPO/MSI with MST

  • Install locally, type in product key.

This alters the file SETTINGS.CST in <Program Files>\O-Music\O-Generator Learning to Compose\dcr; copy that file to your distribution share.

  • Add a file to <Program Files>\O-Music\O-Generator Learning to Compose\settings called userDataFilePaths.txt saying something like:

libraries_folder H:\

recordings_folder H:\


  • Use InstEd etc to create a MST transform:
    • In Directory change o_music to the sub menu name you want (e.g. Audio).
    • In InstallExecuteSequence remove the NewCustomAction1 row. This disabled the Quicktime 6.5 post logon install attempt. Install Quicktime separately.
    • In Shortcut remove the Desktop row, and edit other row to make "Directory_ = o_music", change Name if wanted.

And remember: Always install software from DFS shares

To do: Fix program icon, tiny icon is missing on xp, visible on 2k, wrong large icon.