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Typical Tools for Network Management

  • dopplerVUE (
  • NetSupport School (
  • Ranger (
  • RM Connect
  • WinSuite (
    • Winsuite (added by Secman)
    • Winsuite 2000 v3.5 uses its own methods to lock down the desktop and provides a very good bulk user creation tool. Winsuite also provides tools to stop users installing and running unauthorised software, a menu system and auditing tools so that you can tell who is on what PC when and what they have been doing.
    • We have found that running Winsuite on a PC slows down the login process and can seem to slow the loading of applications as it carries out it's various checks. However, all in all it solved a considerable number of support problems for us. The latest Enterprise version has the User Creation tool stripped out (available spearately) and uses Policies to manage the desktops and computers. Everything else is still available. Early testing at another site has shown that the user end does not look any different although you can now inegrate the WinSuite Enterprise Edition policies with the Windows Policies to do almost anything you wish. Still looking at things as regards performance - the jury is still out!
  • Impero (
    • Impero was designed by techies like yourselves and teachers. It is regularly updated with new features that are requested. There is the ability to request a feature to be added in then autoupdates itself over the internet. The current list of features is on the website.
  • Karoshi (
    • Karoshi is a network management system that runs on Linux servers. The system together with bundled software combines to give you a secure, reliable and stable platform, that continues to work for you throughout the year.
    • The Karoshi host of management tools provide a simple interface that allows for quick installation, setup and maintenance of your implemented network.
    • Karoshi is also a flexible management system, you don't have to run everything karoshi has to offer. By making the running of the network more simple, this allows staff to get on with teaching.
  • iTALC (
  • ABControl (
  • LanView (

Alternative Tools

The following tools are software products that may be used instead of the suites above.

Remote Desktop Control / Demonstration

Remote Desktop Only

User Account Management

  • Microsoft Windows Active Directory
  • Create your own scripts using VBScript/JScript and ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface) to do just about anything with user/computer accounts, groups etc.
  • Microsoft Learning Network Manager
  • Ranger Account Manager

Inventory / Asset Management

  • AIDA32 - No longer officially distributed, but still available from download sites such as MajorGeeks. This software can be set up to run as often as you wish on all the PCs on the network. It will scan the PC and collect loads of info (hardware,software,configuration) and save it to a central database. Central DB can then be interrogated to produce reports.
  • OCS Inventory NG - (
  • Spiceworks - audits all network items and software as well as providing a helpdesk (

Internet Security / Monitoring

Desktop Security / Lockdown

  • Microsoft Group Policy user & computer desktop restrictions in combination with some form of user profile management
  • Microsoft Learning Network Manager - Free from MS - Basic mandatory profile management & some predefined policies
  • Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit - More for standalone / kiosk PCs
  • GPO Objects to lock down and configure user accounts (GPanswers Forum)


Remote Access

  • Ranger Outpost (Remote access to files via internet connected PC)
  • SSL-Explorer (Remote access to files via a HTTPS web browser session)

Repackaging Tools