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The method of installation used is not listed in Nelson Thorne's official documentation. It requires you to be running Just Click version 1.1. These instructions are for escience however they should be applicable to all Just Click products.

Install all disks to the server (specify a server installation). Make a note of the password you set, this will need to be shared with staff who use the software.

Make sure the program directory is shared.

Open [program folder]\config\, replace all references to the server's I.P. address with the server's name.

Open regedit, export the key HKLM\Software\Nelson Thornes\JustClick\e-science.

Open the exported reg key in notepad, edit the InstallLocation so it reflects the program folder's shared UNC path. e.g Replace D:\\Applications\\Depts\\Science\\escience\\ with \\\\servername\\e-Science\\. Note how double slashes are used in the .reg file.

Copy all the dll files from the JustClick\System32 and JustClick\Systemodner folders on the program cd to the program folder (any of the CDs will do).

Copy [program folder]\data\00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000\lessons.xml to [program folder]\data\4d4aac22-6530-4516-aee7-d44ee5419613. This was required to make escience work when logged on as a teacher, similar steps might be required on other Just Click packages. I'd initialy skip this step and do some testing to see if it's required.

That's the server setup finished. I will now detail the client side install.

Uninstall any old client installs of escience.

Create a shortcut to \\servername\e-science\JC_Browser.exe

Apply the .reg file we created earlier.

Copy wavecontrol.dll to c:\windows\system and then register it using regsvr32.

I put all these actions into a script and ran it remotly using PSEXEC. It would also be fairly easy to build an MSi using advanced installer, or even run this process once and capture it with wininstall.