Multimedia Science School 11-16 Edition V 2.0

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This program caused me problems for a while. It comes in the format of an MSI with an exe to kick it of. You cannot use the MSI on its own. The setting to get it to ignore the exe as documented on did not work either. Repackaging didn't work as there was always problems with the registration key an non admin users. There was even weird errors trying to display the content in some cases. In the end the solution was simple.

The only prerequisite is that you have Shockwave player installed.

  1. Install the program on a workstation, full standalone install.
  2. Run the program and register it by browsing to your schools key file.

Now you can just go to program files and copy the whole PLATO Learning folder. You can now distribute copy this to your workstations by whatever method you want. The only thing missing is the file association with the key file type which is not needed.

Deploy this with a simple copy command in a machine startup script or build a new MSI package for it. All you need to do with the MSI is get the files to copy to Program file and have it create a shortcut in the startup menu.

Running this from a network share will work as long as its running form a mapped drive.