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Change backup tapes & check backup from previous day.

Go through every event if you have the patience, or at least the warnings and criticals, looking for anything unusual or that you're not expecting.

Check securus and clear false violations.

Check antivirus sevrer for any outstanding alerts.

Ban any reported sites that are not suitable for school.


Virus scan for all client machines.

Visual check of all machines for damage and missing parts.

Add new information to the intranet & website.

Check e-mail filter to see if any appropriate e-mails have been blocked.

Carry out a scan of all home folders for non-educational material - MP3's etc.


Offsite backup, use cleaning tape & test a restore.

Archive last months e-mails to another server.

Check WSUS for new updates.


Interactive whiteboards and projectors serviced, wiped down, cleaned out and reset/recalibrated.

Physical clean of inside the computers.

Tidy all cables and reseat them all checking the connections fit properly.

Turn on all PC's and then restart (Listen for PSU fans failing and Optical drives).

Check for updates on all servers.

Printers: test print speeds / quality / decide if replacement is needed soon, re-align print heads if needed + print head cleaning etc. replace ink / toner if needed, general cleaning.

Remove old files from shared areas.

Disable old student accounts after they have left.

Update staff and student images with software patches and updates

Distribute new image to the whole estate

Check licensing for current/new software


Staff Laptops: updates, cleaning, performance testing, installation requests, + any other jobs which can't be done while they use them for teaching.

Re-image all curriculum/admin workstations (including latest Service Pack, if applicable)

Inventory check for all computer equipment.

Distribute new internet permission forms.