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Technical Support (IT) Service Level Agreement


The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a commitment of services from the Technical Support department to users within [school name].

Methods of contact

In order of preference

  • E-mail
    • me@here.now
  • Phone
    • Extension number
  • In person

Opening hours

  • 8:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday
  • Weekend support by arrangement!

Service Expectations

The aim of the Technical Support department is to support and enhance learning for the staff and students of Lodge Park Technology College through the use use of maintained ICT services.

When service requests are made, they are, in general, prioritised in the following order:

  1. Whole school (Connectivity and servers)
  2. Class (Including single teacher delivering a lesson)
  3. Individual User

Exceptions to these general priorities are password changes, which are normally addressed as soon as possible, and senior staff, where user discretion is used for specific requirements.

Performance Monitoring

We shall produce reports for each half term assessing our performance against the targets. Based on these reports, we may make changes to the targets in order to improve services.


The targets we have set are aimed to be achievable within the context of a busy technical support department.

There may be times when, due to large scale problems or roll-outs of new hardware, we may not be able to meet the targets. If we know of such an issue, we will notify the requester when they first contact us.

Sample Targets

Password Reset

Normally within 5 minutes of being reported

Complete Class Failure

  • Respond within 5 minutes
  • Actual fix may depend on problem and whether external agencies are required

Printer consumables

  • One hour assuming parts are in stock

Software Failure

  • One day from notification to report back to user about problem
  • If fix requires outside source assistance, one day after we receive notification of the fix from the outside source

New User

  • One day from notification

Hardware failure

  • One day from notification to fix or notify user how long fix is likely to take – this may be dependent on external repair agents (usually 1 to 10 days from problem report)
  • Suitable replacement will be sought if available if the fix is likely to take more than one day

Existing software installation

  • One week from notification

New Hardware Installation

  • One week from arrival dependant on numbers
  • Once new hardware has arrived, it has to be entered on to out inventory system, tested and configured to work on the network where appropriate and, in the case of computers, a new image has to be prepared with all application installed to allow for the faster installation of identical computers.
  • For mounted projectors there is a lead time to organise the mounting that can be several weeks.

Replacement Parts

  • One week from arrival on-site of parts (user to be advised of lead time if not in stock)

New Software

  • Installation media and licence codes (where applicable) should be with the Technical Support department one week before the next school holiday.
  • Should be able to install in holidays and if not will indicate why not and estimated installation date
  • New software installations have to be tested in a networked environment and ‘packaged’ for distribution to workstations. This can often take several days before a satisfactory package is released.

Ordering of hardware / software

  • Bulk orders will be prepared each half term to achieve best discounts
  • Individual items will normally be ordered within one week of notification and lead time for delivery from supplier will be provided to the requester if more than one week (i.e. usually no more than two weeks from order being given to Technical Support to order arriving)

Should we be aware that we will not meet the above targets the requester will be notified and will be given regular (normally weekly) updates. The requester will also be able to check the online ticket system for the status of any job.


In most cases, structured training is available as part of the [school name] training program, not directly through Technical Support, but information about user needs is fed the training rota by members of Technical Support. However, for specific problems, we will try to provide assistance, generally within one day of notification.