Installing Webmin on Ubuntu

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  • ubuntu 6.06 (this is what i use but I believe this will work on most Ubuntu distros)
  • Make sure you have created a static IP address

There is a good how to here for both of the above here That's all we need to start.

Installing Step by Step

  1. To make things easy we first need to install ssh.
  2. At ubuntu terminal type apt-get install ssh openssh-server this is so that we can remotely use software like putty to access the shell. You can download putty and install it on your desktop. All you need to do then is type in your Ubuntu box IP and log on as usual.
  3. I find the easy way to install webmin is via apt so we need to edit apt list
    1. Log into shell And run all these commands as root.If you have not created root login (su) you will need to put sudo in front of all the next commands.
    2. Type vi /etc/apt/sources
    3. edit the list push the insert key using the arrow keys scroll to the bottom of the list and add a new row and add this resportery
    4. deb sarge contrib
        then press escape key and type :wq press the enter key and now its saved.
  4. Next we update apt Type apt-get update<b> press enter</li> then ensure system is up to date <b>apt-get upgrade. If required you may need to confirm that you want to install updates.
  5. Next we install webmin apt-get install webmin you will be asked to confirm that is ok it install and then it will tell you that the respotery cannot be verified. When you answer yes to this it will carry on and install webmin.
  6. That's it all installed Now you have got a wealth of modules you can install most of which can be done via webmin itself.
  7. To login to webmin type the IP:10000 or if dns is steup servername:10000



  • With webmin there is a ssh module pre installed but for some reason it does not work with ubuntu I have tried with no luck but there is an alternative
  • There is a module called ssh2 to install follow these instructions
  1. login to webmin IP:10000 or hostname:10000
  2. Select webmin and then webmin configuration.
  3. Select webmin modules
  4. select the radio button next to third party module from.
  5. click the select button and when popup window appears scroll down and click on ssh2.
  6. Next click on the install module button underneath the box it will now install and create a ssh2 under others but you will need to refesh the page to see it.

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