Installing SCCM 2007 SP2

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Purpose of this article:

The feature list of SCCM 2007 looks great right? And then you try to install it. A ton of prerequisites and, in my opinion, awful documentation can make this a nightmare and you wondered why you even started.

Recently I have seen questions about SCCM popping up, so I thought I would share my experiences at setting up SCCM and hopefully guide others to the documentation that you actually need to read and avoid some off the pitfalls I fell into. At the very least I can help someone navigate the Technet documentation without going round in circles.

I will update this article as I progress with SCCM, solving issues and adding new features. Please don't think I am touting myself as some kind of SCCM guru, I am not, I am just making my through and want to help others so will offer up my time to document how what I do. If I have made any mistakes, you want to add something I haven't done yet or if you see a better way of doing things then I encourage you to edit away :)

My setup: Single site, Server 2008 R2 server will host all SCCM roles and SQL database. SCCM will service a single Active Directory Domain.

Installation status: SCCM site is installed and the clients are registering. I have nearly torn all my hair out. I need coffee. Article will be updated in due course

Article status: working on site deployments


The article is divided into the following sections: