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This section started by SimpleSi as he was very confused at first and wouldn't want others to be so :)

How to use DocMan

Basically, create a category (DOCMan categories are completely separate from the normal categories - it just uses the same name unfortunately) with a name that you want to use.

Select Components - DOCman - Files menu and upload a file. Once its uploaded click on the "Make a New Document" icon.

(What your really doing is coming up with a nice name for a file and then linking it to the real file already uploaded)

You just need to type in a friendly name and alter its status to approve and published and click on save.

The document should now be fully visible in the downloads section on the normal site pages.


How do I edit/create new menus as explained by SYSMAN_MK

A quick guide using the Parents' Information section as an example:

  1. Part One
    1. Create a new category either under a new or current section - Information For Parents
    2. Now create your content items and save them in your new category - Admissions / Assessment /Attendance etc. Order them in the order you want them to be viewed.
    3. Now use the menu manager to edit the mainmenu and add a new menu item. Choose Link - Content Item and select the first content item from yor new category - About Us
    4. At this point you should be able to click the new link on the main menu. This will take you to the first content item, and you can you the next / previous links to browse the content in the order you have chosen.
  2. Part Two
    1. Now you need to create your new menu to apear on the right.
    2. Using the menu create a new menu - parentsmenu
    3. It will ask you to create a module. Give it a name you will remember - Parents Menu
    4. Now you need to create individual menu items for each content item. Create a new menu item for each content item using the Choose Link - Content Item option. - About Us
    5. Once you have done this for each content item, order the menu so it matches the order of the content items as in part one.
    6. Now you have your new sub menu you just have to publish it.
  3. Part Three
    1. Goto the Modules section and find your new menu - Parents Menu
    2. Open the module settings and make sure the module is published and to the right position.
    3. Using the menu to the right select the pages you want the menu to appear. - mainmenu|Parents / parentmenu|About Us / parentmenu|Admissions / etc

Editing/Creating a menu as explained by SimpleSi

(I think this is one of the joomla things that works in a bit of a wierd way and therefore I hope to explain it to newbies the way I see it works as a user)

Adding to existing menu (Using Parents Menu as an example)

Lets say you want to add an article about the latest Ofsted Report to the Parents menu.

Make sure you have created an article or have edited an existing one called Ofsted Report.

To add it to the Parents menu, select Menus then parentsmenus. Click on New then Articles then Article Layout.

All you have to do is type in the title you like the menu item to have and then select your Ofsted Report article and press Save.

Your Ofsted Report will now appear on the Parents Menu :)

However, as soon as you select the Ofsted Report from the menu, the menu will disappear!

To correct this, go into Module Manager and click on Parents Menu.

You need to add Ofsted Report in the menu assignment. To do this, HOLD DOWN THE CTRL KEY when selecting Ofsted Report otherwise then menu will disappear from other articles. IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE just close the edit down and try again.

Creating a new menu and adding to exising structure

Creating a menu is obvious - select Menus - Menu Manger - New. Enter a title and name and your done.

Adding items to menu - select Menus and then the menu you want to edit.

Select New and then link it to say an article - select Articles - Article Layout.

Enter a title and click on select an article, select which article you'd like linked to this menu and then Save.

Great - we've now got a menu and a menu item on it -how do we get it to appear somewhere? Answer: Use Module Manager.

Select Extensions - Module Manager. Select New then click on Menu (or select it and click on Next).

Enter a title (yes - again!)

Decide where you want your module to appear (top, user1, left, right - you need find out what areas are available to you on your template - one method is to use to show the areas available)

Click on Menu Name and select the one you created earlier. Finally you can now select where the menu appears - to do this goto menu assignment and select "Select Menu Item(s) from the List".

Now click on which mainmenu item you'd like your new menu to linked to. (If you want your menu to appear on the any Parents menu pages, click on that one - click on as many as you like)

Click on Save and then check that your menu appears on the page(s) you wanted it to.

NB You don't have to link your menu to a main menu item but I'd suggest trying that out first to get a handle as to what is going on!)

Edit Meet the Staff section

This is a module so you have to change it via the Joomla back end and not the main web site.

This info is in the forums also but I figure this is a good place also.

The "Front Page"

The main page you see when a site loads is called the Home page - the middle bit of this page with news articles in it is called the Front Page in joomla speak!

Each article that is published has the option of being included on the Front page or not - just tick the appropriate box. The order and way this area is displayed is/can be controlled in a couple of places.

Click link for an easy tutorial on changing it