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You can help make the Wiki better for everyone by contributing your knowledge and time to it. Here are some suggestions of things that you could do to improve the Wiki:

  • Suggest Threads to be Added to the Wiki - If you find a thread with useful content that you think should be included in the Wiki you can add a link to it here
  • Create a Wiki Article - If you have some spare time please consider creating a Wiki article for one of the Suggested Threads or on a topic that you know about that you think should be included.
  • Editing the EduGeek Wiki - If you find a mistake or have more information on any of the content please take the time to fix the error or add your information.
  • Categorize Wiki Articles - To help link similar items together and make the site easier to navigate you can help add category tags to articles.
  • Wikify Articles - To help the Wiki grow more useful and become easier to follow you can add wiki tags to names and terms in existing Wiki articles that can link to other articles that explain the term in more detail.