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This page has been borrowed in the main from the HP2600N page but is equally relevant to all HP network capable printers so it's been worth breaking it out.

Using the Driver Setup Disk

When you come to setup an HP Printer with a network port (built in printserver) you will find that whilst it can work if you use the supplied CD to install the printer on each individual client workstation it's a less than ideal task if you want to share the printer to multiple workstations which is usually the case in a school environment.

Installing a Printer on the Network

Instead this is a much more effective and efficient solution that has been shown to work in a shared printer environment.

  • Physically install printer and use supplied CD setup to allocate IP address (DHCP or Static) and prove the printer works.
  • Delete the printer - yes really!
  • Use the standard Add Printers wizard.
  • Create a new printer port and make it a Standard TCP/IP Port.
  • Browse to the CD to find the drivers and install the printer.
  • Select the printer and go into Properties = Ports and disable bi-directional printing.
  • Click on sharing and share the printer out as normal.
  • On each client workstation, use your normal methods of connecting to the printer. This could be:
    • By login script (remember you need to use a startup script first to get the drivers installed at system level)
    • Server deployment tools 2003R2 and above ??

Setting an IP Address

Obviously a network printer is going to need an IP address to be reachable on the network but there are a couple of "gotcha's" you need to be aware of.

The Printer can (and probably will) forget it's IP

If you set a static address in the printers configuration it's been known for the printer to forget the IP and revert to a DHCP address for no apparent reason. Usually when this happens the printer simply shows as offline and only resetting the address will resolve the issue.. Something worth noting if a printer suddenly starts failing to respond to print jobs.

The Solution

Given that the printer will revert to DHCP it's best to have a belt and braces approach and set your DHCP up so that the printer has a reserved address. You can just leave the printer on DHCP then or set the static IP and if it does drop to DHCP it'll pick up the same IP, preventing the printer going walkabout!