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This is a very cheap and useful colour laser.

The main problem is that it is a "Win Printer" and requires baby sitting if used as a shared network device.

If you use the supplied CD to install the printer on each client workstation then it works without any problems.

However, if you set it up as a shared printer on a server, then precautions are very necessary.

  • Physically install printer and use supplied CD setup to allocate IP address (DHCP or Static) and prove the printer works.
  • Delete the printer - yes really!
  • Use the standard Add Printers wizard.
  • Create a new printer port and make it a Standard TCP/IP Port.
  • Browse to the CD to find the drivers and install the printer.
  • Select the printer and go into Properties = Ports and disable bi-directional printing.
  • Click on sharing and share the printer out as normal.
  • On each client workstation, use your normal methods of connecting to the printer 'DO NOT USE THE SETUP PROGRAM ON THE CD IF USING THIS METHOD'

Having installed the printer, thin about how its IP address is allocated. If you use a static address, the printer is known to forget it sometimes and you will have to re-allocate it again.

The recommended method is to use DHCP and reserve an address for it - this should prevent the printer going walkabout!

Ghosting on first few prints

This one was reported here: http://www.edugeek.net/forums/hardware/20841-hp2600n-ghosting.html

Symptoms: the 1st printout through the printer has ghosted images on it- these get less as more pages go through until ouput is completely clean. Wait a while and send another job - 1st few pages have ghosting.

Reported Cause: It's suggested the cause is due to the waste tank not being big enough to take used toner in the cartridges and that it seems to fall back onto the roller.

The old shake routine is suggested as it can compact the waste toner down for a couple of weeks but then the problem will re-appear. Only happens as the cartridge gets to near end of life