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This guide is produced with a very limited amount of experience and will probably undergo quite a few changes but hopefully it’ll help with anyone else trying to repackage this particular software package.

Granada’s Toolbox 2 is not an MSI so you need to complete a repackage for which I used ScriptLogics “Installer Design Studio” (IDS) which was previously known as “MaSAi”.. IDS was installed on a Win2k3 server..

My approach was to use a clean WinXP machine with all SP’s and security updates installed. For IDS you’ll need to have joined your build machine to the domain (Ghosted at this point). I ran the initial capture process and then installed Toolkit (and all patches, well worth doing!) using a LOCAL administrator account on the build machine..

Once that was done I simply ran the post-install part of the capture process WITHOUT LOGGING OFF or rebooting the build machine!!

Process follows:

  1. Error received relating to Icon_ (meaning Icon_2) which was for the “Common Control Update” which is irrelevant as we’ll be deleting that shortcut anyway.
  2. Saved a copy of the resultant MSI and source files (so you have a backup)
  3. Open the new MSI
  4. In IQ view:
    1. Delete the resultant Root_Folder_1 (c:\) in the project view
    2. Delete the Shortcut for the COMMON~1|Common Control Update
    3. Delete the empty folder in the “My Documents” folder
  5. Run a MCE validation
  6. Errors found
    1. ICE 33 - these can be ignored
    2. ICE 38 - ignored
    3. ICE 48 - ignored
    4. ICE 60 - Edit the File Table where the fonts are highlighted and change the “Language” field to “1033” (repeat for all 16 entries)

Once all that lot has been done you should have a complete MSI that you can test and/or use.

NB: In the process of completing this writeup I tried to cheat and use a non-clean install to do the patches and then update... Erm.. not a good idea.. So some of those ICE warnings won’t appear.