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This document assumes you’re using Script Logic Installer Design Studio (IDS) 3.0.2 so the tips provided don’t necessarily relate to other packages but may be helpful if you’re using something different.


  1. Installed the package itself as a “server install” from a workstation to a shared software store on the server. This creates a network installer on workstations
  2. Run the patch for Branch which should solve the voice failed to init problem on the same workstation.
  3. Paranoia made me run the same patch on the server to be sure it took as some problems in earlier attempts were hit
  4. Booted up a clean workstation that was joined to the domain already and logged in as a local user
  5. Started up IDS on the server unit and chose the repackage option for a NON MSI install
  6. Setup the IDS to watch a remote machine and confirm working with a test
  7. Run the initial “before” snapshot
  8. Install the package from the shared directory on the server
  9. Run the “after” routine on IDS

Now, where the whole thing needed some help was:

  1. Addition of shortcuts because it somehow missed them.
  2. Addition of all the files from the Branch source into the MSI being created in IDS.. For some reason it had missed at least 45% and partially worked but had no UI available!

Once I’d done all that I just saved it, dealt with a missing icon for the shortcut and validated it using MCE before testing it.