Edugeek May Conference 2009

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Edugeek May Conference 2009

This is the content that was given out to all attendees, and any content that was on screen that you were unable to see.

This should give you an idea along with the video footage which is available to download: (Awaiting download link)

Internet Security – (Rob @ Smoothwall)

  • Presentation – coming soon

Maximising your employability – Will Townsend (SpecialAgent)

Getting the Best Deal – Hugh Taylor (Schoolquote)

  • Presentation – BuyFocus – Presentation (Awaiting to be uploaded to server)

Announcing the Edugeek EduMove File Migration Tool – Ozan aka ICTNUT (OP Software)

Gatekeeper USB Security – Barry James


TakeWare TakeMeasures is a suite of three software pacakges designed with schools in mind (and based on a proven product) that

  • Effectively address the school USB issues (and remove the need to shut the down)
  • Helps raise staff awareness of data safety - especially with children's data
  • Provides an easy way to comply with incoming compliance requirements with the minimum of fuss and hassle.

TakeWare are providing free software for selected schools - see the attached powerpoint and


Also during June they're also offering concessionary upgrades (see powerpoint).

Visualization – Ric Charlton aka Ric_

Microsoft Sharepoint – Alex Pearce

Ask The Admins – Dos_Box, Ric_, RussDev, ZeroHour

Questions and Answers are been collected from the footage, we will add them as soon as possible.