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The EduGeek-Acer Outlet shop. We chose the Acer Outlet to team up with due to their being the UK’s award winning supplier of ACERs leading edge laptop, desktop and server products, and with the new level of support offered direct from Acer (ask the Acer Outlet guys about the accidental damage warranty) we felt secure in putting our name up with them. So feel free to consider them for a quote when looking for new laptops, and as part of the tie in we ensured that we have special offers for EduGeek members regularly posted on this page, so please ensure you check back here on a regular basis. We will of course keep you updated on the EduGeek main site as to any new products or offers available here.

1. You can only access the EduGeek Outlet from the EduGeek site and only if you are logged on. This is to ensure that it is only you, our members gaining access to these facilities.

2. When you access the shop please use the links at the BOTTOM of the site to navigate it. If you use the links at the side you will exit the special area and have to re-enter via EduGeek again.

3. None of the items on the shop will be sold below cost price. Actually sometimes there may be a loss making offer on, but EduGeek will take the hit of the losses incurred. Many sites will list some models quite cheaper than we have them, but will be making their money back off you elsewhere.

4. I am assured that the problems faced by Acer in the past with repairs and returns have now been sorted out and most problems and repairs will be turnedaround within 5 working days now.

5. The use of the Outlet will ensure that our conferences and stand at the BETT show will offer you better discounts and offset your personal costs as we have done in the past. As always we will try and look after you when you come to see us in ways other groups would not.

6. Use the email address to contact the outlet directly. We at EduGeek will also receive copies of all mail on this address to ensure openness and that you are receiving the level of service we insisted on. We hope you really find this facility useful and we hope that if proves successful we can do more for you in the future.

7. The offers on the Outlet site are for EduGeek members only.

8. We are not, and ne ver will be sellign your detials or passign tehm on to third parties. Acer-Outlet will only react to enquiries direct from yourselves and will never PM or cold-call, or themselves have access to the EG members database. Just to put minds at rest